Email marketing has a unique place in the HVAC & Plumbing industry. These are very much demand-based industries, and information has different values. In HVAC & Plumbing, a typical mailing list will include a very broad spectrum of clients.

Online Marketing for HVAC offers high-quality email marketing services for clients. We base our email marketing on information values and a clear understanding of the needs of the recipients.

Email marketing in the HVAC & Plumbing industry

There are several key areas email marketing can bring value for HVAC & Plumbing company:

  1. Business and commercial clients
    Commercial clients like developers, property managers, and other high-end customers are always interested in new HVAC & Plumbing information. The information that is provided through email marketing channels is very valuable and gets attention.
  2. Residential clients
    In the very strong property market, HVAC & Plumbing are an important part of property ownership. Real estate investors and homeowners are very conscious of the role your play in keeping their house running. This client base is always wanting to learn more and keep their home working well.
  3. Industry clients
    The HVAC & Plumbing industry has a unique mix of mutual interests. Suppliers and construction contractors are a natural audience for email marketing. All aspects of HVAC & Plumbing information is useful to this market.

HVAC & Plumber email marketing best practice

The major issues for email marketing are:

  • Quality – having good quality information receives good responses from the recipients. Emails that are sent out must be seen as valuable, and not relegated to nuisance level as spam. That means that email marketing materials need to be high commercial standard communications.
  • Traffic generation –Email marketing is designed with hyperlinks to your website to drive additional traffic to your site. One of the quality controls on email marketing is to ensure that the email content matches the SEO and SEM priorities on your website, help to deliver good performance values in conjunction
  • Value of services –The primary goal of email marketing is to focus on your business values which then translate into high-value This is also a natural feature of marketing initiatives, working on generating better returns.
  • News value – Good email marketing really is just news. A really effective email marketing letter will deliver new information that offers value to the recipients.
  • Customer contact –Email marketing is a default customer contact process, keeping in touch and maintaining top of mind with the market.
  • Advertising – Email marketing is a form of advertising and is governed by advertising laws when services are promoted and shares the values and priorities of advertising with new site materials and related information about business products.

HVAC Plumber Email Marketing

Online Marketing for HVAC & Plumber email marketing services

Online Marketing for HVAC & Plumbers conducts rigorous quality controls on email marketing for our clients:

  • We set up all email marketing operations for our clients
  • We ensure that all of the information provided is high quality and relevant to business needs, and is of an appropriate commercial standard for the client base
  • We work with our clients to deliver a cost-effective email marketing service tailored to business requirements
  • We assist clients with selection of materials and content choices
  • We help manage quality controls over email marketing for presentation
  • We manage production and creation of all emails for best commercial performance
  • We integrate email marketing with other marketing operations
  • We ensure that the email marketing operation is able to deliver content in conjunction with other market initiatives
  • We monitor and maintain market targeting to ensure that email marketing delivers direct value to appropriate recipients (For example – Business and commercial clients, residential clients, and industry clients may be on separate email lists)

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