Google My Business is the default choice of the world for navigation because Google My Business linked to Google Maps. These maps are particularly useful and well used by people. The combination of maps, site information, and Street View makes it the first place people go when looking for a local business.

For business marketing purposes, Google My Business has many other uses. Google My Business is a reference library for business advertising. You’ll know that when you search some businesses on Google, you instantly get a lot of information, including locations, hours, contacts, and other useful things you need to know.

This is the visible part of the back end operation of Google My Business, and it’s a critical factor in customer selection of businesses. Google My Business is directly linked to a large amount of information through a range of sources, including:

  • Google My Business local listings –If you’re on Google My Business, your business is automatically linked to the Google local map.
  • Contact information – Your contact information is also listed. It’s a particularly useful business service, and it’s universal.
  • Street addresses locations markers –These markers are also linked to your business information and may include other click through links to relevant business materials.
  • Street View –Kerb value is a significant asset in online searches. Your Street View look can be a major factor in customer choice. 

Google My Business for HVAC & Plumbing companies

An HVAC or Plumbing company is often a local business, particularly in the contracting and services parts of the industry. Typically, customers search for local contractors or service providers.

These searches also include a search for choices. A customer looking for services will usually check prices and visit the companies website for more information regarding their needs.

These searches, which start on Google Maps looking for local sources, are major business generators for HVAC companies. This type of market presence is particularly valuable for promoting local market visibility and exposure.

Google Maps are invaluable in terms of their ability to attract customer attention. In many cases, even long-time local residents will find businesses they didn’t even know were in their area.

There’s a less obvious value in Google Maps, too, and it’s a critical value for HVAC & Plumber companies. HVAC & Plumbing companies often provide a wide range of different services. Basic online marketing involves searches for these services. Google Maps are directly linked to searches.

Searches linked to Google Maps, therefore, can play a big role in getting business. A search for air conditioning company or HVAC will lead to customers finding a HVAC companies range of services. A customer who wants HVAC services may also want air conditioning repair, toilet leak fixed, furnace maintenance, and other services as well.

These are all high-value HVAC services which are typically sourced locally. The customer may have never heard of your business before, but thanks to a local search and Google Maps, they now know where to source the services they need.

HVAC Plumbers Google My Business GMB Maps

Online Marketing for HVAC & Plumbers Google My Business services

The business values of Google My Business the main reason why Google Maps are now an integral part of online marketing. Online Marketing for HVAC & Plumbers offers a full spectrum of Google My Business services, including:

  • Setup and management of the Google My Business listing requirements to ensure that the Google Maps search is effective
  • Setup of relevant links as required, maximizing the benefits of the Google My Business information and related business information on the map search
  • Integration of your business SEO/SEM marketing strategies with Google My Business
  • Customized presentation of your business information to meet search criteria and advertising copy requirements

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